1959 Edsel Villager Air Ride

Long time friend Dallas (from Tampa, Fl) wanted to get his wagon cruising to shows a bit more comfortable. He already had an Airpod management system by RideTech (Air Ride Technologies), so he came to us at Yaril’s Customs to install the system and put airbags on the 4 corners. So we swapped out the old tired rear leaf springs and fabricated a simple 2-link system with a panhard bar. New airbags were located  above the axle and shorter rear shocks purchased, the plan was to lower it as much as possible without cutting into the cargo space. Up front we opted to go with a pair of Shockwaves due to space constraints. We also replaced the 4 lower control arm bushings that were completely worn out. Each corner received a ride sensor, the Airpod mounted behind the back seat and the controller was routed to the center of the dash. A few other odds and ends such as rerouting the exhaust pipes, adjusting the brakes and fixing a sticky throttle cable completed the job. Now Dallas can load up the wagon and it will automatically adjust for the added weight, making trips to car show all the more comfortable. Thanks Dallas for bringing your wagon all the down from Tampa!

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