1967 VW Squareback

This car is extra special to me. This was my first full project, it required just about everything to be gone through. It was purchased as a roller, and at the time what looked like a lot of potential ended up being a lot of work. The struggle of progress and time, money and parts along with many other obstacles to get the project completed would make anyone think twice about ever doing this again. Luckily for me my family and friends all kept me motivated as I pushed though to materialize my vision. Lots was learned along the way, things to do, things not to do. In the end the feeling of completing such a large scale project (at the time) was very much rewarding. It was a feeling I looked to repeat on another project. And so this particular Squareback, while it may not be 100% perfect or showcase the best of what is can be done, its perfect in my eyes. As it shows its signs of age from its over a decade ago restoration I look forward to keeping it and enjoying it for what it has done for me.

This one is a keeper.

  • 00-square1
  • engine 005 (Medium)
  • engine 006 (Medium)
  • engine 004 (Medium)
  • DSCF2728 (Medium)
  • SQR 001
  • SQR 010
  • SQR 005 (Medium)
  • 1 002 (Medium)
  • 1 011 (Medium)
  • 1 013 (Medium)
  • 107_0797 (Medium)
  • HOLLOW 001 (Medium)
  • IMG_2782 (Medium)
  • shot- 038 (Medium)
  • DSCF1245 (Medium)
  • 100_2579 (Medium)
  • 100_2582 (Medium)
  • shot- 029 (Medium)
  • shot- 030 (Medium)
  • KCW-blog3-17
  • KCW-blog7-8
  • KCW-blog5-3
  • KCW-blog4-232
  • square-at-house-2
  • DSC02376 (Medium)
  • squareback - yarilscustoms


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