1932 Ford Sedan Chop

four door hot rod? sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s just what Joe is building to haul his family around. lots of neat old parts and traditional sense of style will brew one unique high boy. this car made the trek down from Daytona to receive a 4″ haircut.

  • DSC09872 (Medium)
  • DSC09985 (Medium)
  • DSC09989 (Medium)
  • DSC09993 (Medium)
  • DSC09997 (Medium)
  • DSC09995 (Medium)
  • DSC00008 (Medium)
  • DSC00021 (Medium)
  • DSC00128 (Medium)
  • DSC00137 (Medium)
  • DSC00254 (Medium)
  • DSC00261 (Medium)
  • DSC00160 (Medium)
  • DSC00175 (Medium)
  • DSC00177 (Medium)
  • DSC00197 (Medium)
  • DSC00191 (Medium)
  • DSC00270 (Medium)
  • DSC00275 (Medium)
  • DSC00277 (Medium)


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