1950 Mercury Coupe

This Merc came to the shop with the rear end already on a simple airbag system which is typical for these style of cars to only bag the rear. However to improve the overall look and ride quality a complete 4 corner control system was the only way to go. We turn to Accuair’s E-Level system to manage the air and provide user friendly control with 3 preset ride heights and control of each individual corner as well as front and rear paired together. We chose not to cut up the car’s floor as it is a finished car with complete interior and carpet. It can now sit an inch off the ground when parked, roll at a comfortable drive height and still be raised up to clear any speed-bumps or steep driveways all with the touch of a button.

  • DSC08353 (Large)
  • DSC08355 (Large)
  • DSC08324 (Large)
  • DSC08325 (Large)
  • DSC08357 (Large)
  • DSC08360 (Large)
  • DSC08362 (Large)
  • DSC08364 (Large)


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