1954 Chevy Truck

Jose owns a powder coating shop down the street from my shop. He loves his old cars an daily drives this truck, everyday! He was looking to update the overall look of his beater, so we made a plan to lower the truck a little more, change the outdated flat black look, add some logos to promote his company and a few other things. The approach to this project was not to knock it all out in one shot, instead to chip away at it as time allowed. The truck already had a lot of work done to it before it got to us, such as the front clip, motor, a/c and a few other things that needed attention. So during the update we are also trying to address some of the previous work just to make it a little better. Jose loves the new overall look of the truck now and is looking forward to another project we have in the works.

  • DSC09658 (Medium)
  • DSC09603 (Medium)
  • DSC09666 (Medium)
  • DSC00186 (Medium)
  • DSC00183 (Medium)
  • DSC09676 (Medium)
  • DSC00200 (Medium)
  • DSC00206 (Medium)
  • DSC00219 (Medium)
  • DSC00221 (Medium)
  • DSC00488 (Medium)
  • DSC00486 (Medium)
  • DSC05321 (Medium)
  • DSC05327 (Medium)
  • DSC05322 (Medium)
  • DSC05323 (Medium)
  • DSC05342 (Medium)
  • DSC05355 (Medium)
  • DSC04417 (Medium)
  • DSC04422 (Medium)
  • DSC05362 (Medium)
  • DSC05359 (Medium)


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