1957 Chevy Truck Chop Top

When my pal and web-designer Anthony purchased his 57 truck, some ideas started coming to me. The truck was already set up with a ’59 Apache Fleetside bed as well as a ’55 Chevy truck front end. This was no stock truck and I thought this would be a great candidate for a “factory chop top”. Taking only 2″ out of the top doesn’t sound like much, but it will have people wondering why this truck looks sleeker than the one next to it. While chopping the top, we rounded the door top corner and cut the front door to cowl square edge into a smoother S looking shape for more subtle changes that will keep this truck looking stock, but not. The dash had been cut up in the past with CD player head unit and some air-ride paddle switches, so a new smooth blank sheet metal dash was welded in. This will be a neat truck with a very unique look that could have very well been built that way from the factory.

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