1959 Buick Kustom Paint Work

The concept for this paint job was to blend some late custom paint schemes with some early lowrider paint schemes. Imagine if this car was purchased and customized sometime in the early 60’s. By this time chop tops were not as important as the overall paint on the car, because the factory was already manufacturing longer lower profile cars such as this flat top. The thing to do at the time was to set your car apart by its over all appearance, lowered stance, shaved handles and most importantly the paint job. So that’s just what we are trying to accomplish here. The decision to paint the body in factory Arctic White was so that it had a factory clean driver feel to it. Again pretending it is the early 60’s this factory white paint would still be in good condition. The addition of the Gold Pearl to the white came as another idea where if this “factory” white car was shaved off handles, badges ect, the complete car probably would not merit a respray, at the time (1960’s) the young car owner would have maybe blended in the jobs, so the additional Gold Pearl would help blend all the body modifications and color blends.

The roof and trunk from factory could have come in a different color; therefore, it was decided to  keep all the kustom paint work to said areas; however, it was also decided to carry the 2-tone into the car by making a smooth metal speaker tray. The color choice came from my grandpa (Lolo) who daily drove a white 4 door hardtop and had a favorite yellow shirt he loved to wear. So the base work was laid out, heavy silver metallic base coat followed by lots of micro silver flake. Three different yellow Kandy tints where used and mixed to create all the different tones and shades of yellow. Some basecoat yellow was used around the edges and formed into scallops, which match the interior color. The scallops and shadows bring some of the late custom car paint schemes while the lace panels and multi color lines provide some early lowrider feel. All in all the car has a subtle elegant vibe to it, neither too kustom or too lowrider.

  • house of kolor gold sparkle dry pearl
  • doors removed getting arctic white base
  • rear pan & cowl grills getting painted
  • cruiser skirts getting clear coat
  • just got back from the booth
  • DSC03945 (Medium)
  • DSC03948 (Medium)
  • DSC03955 (Medium)
  • DSC03999 (Medium)
  • DSC04001 (Medium)
  • DSC04037 (Medium)
  • DSC04044 (Medium)
  • DSC04132 (Medium)
  • DSC04135 (Medium)
  • DSC04143 (Medium)
  • DSC04148 (Medium)
  • DSC04155 (Medium)
  • DSC04157 (Medium)
  • DSC04160 (Medium)
  • DSC04175 (Medium)
  • DSC04179 (Medium)
  • DSC04193 (Medium)
  • DSC04195 (Medium)
  • DSC04208 (Medium)
  • DSC04210 (Medium)
  • DSC04579 (Medium)


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