1950 Pedal Car

My son Dean has got to be the happiest Baby I ever met.His smile will make anybody smile in return. He loves taking strolls with his mommy and daddy in his Pram, but now its about time he got his own little Kustom car to stroll around in. We began with a Speedway motors bare metal kit. The body was massaged a bit, nosed, decked, shaved, frenched and much more. Rear license plate recess and taillights where deleted and the front grill opening and headlights were cut open. Grandpa Leo handled all the necessary body work, prep and paint work. Mommy put in her good eye on picking the color and pearl. In the meantime I fabricated some bumpers out of aluminum flat stock and after shaping sent to chrome. For the grill a cabinet pull handle from Ikea fit the bill and provides a floating bar grill. For headlights some kitchen ceiling textured tiles were carefully cut and epoxied to the headlight opening. The pedal car frame was put away and a new taildragger frame was built from scratch. For the time being the “pedal car” will be a push car. Care was taken to set the stance at just the right height. Inside a soft blue carpet was chosen to compliment the grayish / blue pearl paint and some white vinyl wraps up the inside for a clean look (pics of that coming soon). We are sure there will be plenty more smiles coming from Dean and in return from all who see him strolling his little kustom car.

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