1959 Buick Interior Work

In the late 50’s early 60’s Buick and Cadillac along with other brands had really “upscale” interiors. In this project we are trying to maintain this feel while changing the over all color to match the outside of the car. All garnish moldings and dash parts were painted to match the exterior scallops. The carpet is premolded and is nice darker color to accent the rest of the interior. While the seats and door panels are more like the garnish molding color with vintage fabric inserts all stitched up to mimic an interior of the era.


more to come soon…

  • column & dash painted
  • single stage paint / accent color
  • dash & column installed
  • original clock
  • gauges disassembled
  • needles painted in accent color
  • gauges reassembled
  • DSC04225 (Medium)
  • DSC04230 (Medium)
  • DSC04232 (Medium)
  • DSC04472 (Medium)
  • DSC04475 (Medium)
  • DSC04560 (Medium)
  • DSC04557 (Medium)
  • DSC04567 (Medium)
  • DSC04591 (Medium)
  • DSC04597 (Medium)
  • DSC04601 (Medium)
  • DSC04588 (Medium)


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