1961 Cadillac Chop Top

A little off the top, that’s all it takes on these Cadillacs. It seems like the factory add just a few too many inches at times. A 3″ cut off the top of the A-pillars and laying down the back glass brings this roof line to a much sleeker flowing profile with the rest of the body. Not everybody will notice the chop, but when this car is parked next to a stock one, it will be obvious which one looks more sleeker.

  • as arrived
  • cutting A-pillar
  • DSC09922 (Medium)
  • 3
  • rear glass frame to be laid down
  • roof removed
  • welding a-pillar after 3
  • filling gap from chop
  • widdening rear pillars
  • roof being welded back on
  • back glass test fit
  • new lower roof profile


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