1959 VW Bus

This California bus made its way over to Miami a few years ago. It was an original paint Mango bus. Our job here was to fix the minimal rust and dents that it had as it came to us on a dolly and in bare metal. Afterwards it was sprayed in epoxy primer and high build primer. Some body work was done and a lot of block sanding. It was masked off and sprayed in factory 2 tone using PPG Concept single stage paint.

  • DSC08676_cMediumc
  • DSC08687_mMediumm
  • DSC08720_vMediumv
  • DSC08722_rMediumr
  • DSC08729_kMediumk
  • DSC08736_vMediumv
  • DSC09550 (Medium)
  • DSC09557 (Medium)
  • DSC09643 (Medium)
  • DSC09644 (Medium)
  • DSC09646 (Medium)
  • DSC09652 (Medium)
  • DSC09653 (Medium)
  • DSC09736 (Medium)
  • DSC09740 (Medium)
  • DSC09756 (Medium)
  • DSC09755 (Medium)
  • DSC09767 (Medium)
  • DSC09800 (Medium)


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