1960’s Huffy Cruiser

This old bike needed a lot of TLC. I decided to build it for my wife’s birthday. Every single part was taken apart and made better. For wheels and tires we went with new beach cruiser wheels and repop all white balloon tires. All the parts that could be plated such as handle bars, bearing races, crank ext were taken to the local chrome shop, however we stopped the process at Nickle plating for an older feel to the overall bike. The frame and forks along with chain guard, tank and rear package tray were painted single stage to match the newly purchased wheels. The color is looks great in the sun and really has a vintage feel with the combining creamy white that was used to accent. The seat too was completely refinished in a white diamond stitch. The headlights were updated to modern battery pack and an old bell was color matched. This bike gets lots of use as we love to cruise it to breakfast on Sunday mornings or just around town anytime.

  • DSC02388 (Medium)
  • DSC02389 (Medium)
  • DSC02390 (Medium)
  • DSC02391 (Medium)
  • DSC02666 (Medium)
  • DSC02667 (Medium)
  • DSC02675 (Medium)
  • DSC02677 (Medium)
  • DSC02744 (Medium)
  • DSC02844 (Medium)
  • DSC02845 (Medium)
  • DSC02846 (Medium)
  • DSC03541 (Medium)


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