1966 Squareback gets a roof transplant

Unforeseen problems are often the case when working on these older vehicles. As is the case with Anthony’s Squareback. What we thought was a “hardtop” car, turned out to be a sunroof car! While removing the headliner we found some fabric glued to the ceiling of the car, it was shaped rather odd, so after pulling it off we found the remains of a sunroof, but outside on the roof there was no sign of it. The grinder was brought out and we began to excavate only to find more than 1/2″ of bondo covering a poorly welded piece of metal to the hole that was a sunroof. The poor job warped all surrounding metal leaving us only with one option, find a donor roof to transplant. So thats just what we did, Anthony found a solid original paint roof and it was used to replace his roof. Cuts were made at the pillars to avoid any sheet metal warping other than the long cut along the back of the roof which was done near a roof brace and extra care was taken to butt weld the seam so that there is no warping of the metal.

  • found a sunroof!
  • donor roof clip
  • a-pillar cut
  • b-pillar cut
  • roof skin cut near brace
  • x-brace welded before cutting roof
  • donor roof cut to same specs
  • DSC03317 (Medium)
  • DSC03329 (Medium)
  • DSC03331 (Medium)
  • DSC03333 (Medium)
  • DSC03340 (Medium)
  • DSC03345 (Medium)


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