2000 BMW 535i Touring

The E39 wagon is quite the versatile vehicle. From daily driver to weekend camper it can do a lot. Sometimes though we get requests for more than what the factory offers. Turning to Accuair for the Endo-CVT (compressor valve tank) was the only choice as the air management system will be inside the car. The CVT provides quite air supply while the e-level (electronic leveling system) keeps the car level no matter what your using it for.

Airlift Performance offers a great bolt on solution with a coilover sleeve for fine tuning the overall height and dampening adjustment. The rear suspension on the wagons is quite different from the sedan version. It has a traditional shock and comes factory equipped with either coil springs or airbags. This model had coil springs, we decided to replace them with Slam Specialties SS5 and fabricate the upper mounts. While at it, the factory shocks were replaced with Koni yellow shocks for a better ride quality.

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