2001 BMW 740i

Improving on an already great chassis isn’t always easy. Utilizing Accuair Suspension’s latest Endo-CVT paired with E-Level management system this doesn’t seem like much of an add on but more like a factory upgrade that just wasn’t available at the time. The system seamlessly blends into the BMW wiring utilizing a spare unused main fuse location. In an effort to retain as much trunk space as possible, we fabricated a simple bracket that suspends the CVT and electronics from the package tray. The CVT (compressor valve tank) provides the quietest air supply on the market. This is very important when dealing with a car that was designed not only around performance but most importantly comfort. The touchpad is installed inside the center console ashtray.

For the suspension components, Airlift Performance was the choice. While they do not offer a direct bolt in application for the E38 chassis, the E39 platform is very similar. We start at the front by removing the strut collar and having it turned down on a lathe to the match the E38 strut diameter. Then the sway-bar link ends will need a mounting point, using some 1/4″ thick flat plate a simple mounting tab is welded to the strut collar. The rear assemblies are a direct bolt on, the only adjustment required is to the overall length of the coilover style strut housing.

The big body 7 series now offers a more aggressive drive height with adjustable preset ride heights at the touch of a button.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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